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Raw Health

Health Starts from Within

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality Raw Milk & Meat so they can enjoy all the health benefits that properly raised and cared for animals produce.


By eating real food, you can forget the confusion and frustration of diets, and enjoy the vibrant energy our nutrient rich produce can provide.


We believe that the body only needs to be given the raw ingredients of health, for health to thrive.


With these simple ingredients our bodies can heal, our minds clear and our vitality radiate, leaving us able to live happy, healthy, meaningful lives.


However, even we know it takes more than just quality food to complete the health equation.


So, this is where we turn to Ian. Our resident Natural Health Expert. 


Ian Vout
Natural Health Coach

Ian has a wealth of experience helping clients regain health through ancestral principles.  He has seen first-hand how this ancient wisdom can restore the body to optimal weight, function and heal previously un-healable conditions.


He also has a holistic understanding of medicine, so in more complex cases he is able to help identify the cause of your bodies distress, and offer a plan to rebuild your health from the inside out. 


Being an Integrated Health coach Ian has experience and qualifications in Personal Training, Hormonal & Metabolic Medicine, Fat Loss & Primal Nutrition, so he is well equipped to understand complex health issues and join the dots across the health spectrum for an effective result.



So if you are struggling to find answers and need that bit of extra guidance for a fitness goal or meeting a health challenge, we’ve got you.

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Our Personal Health Journey

We have both worked with Ian personally and owe him a debt of gratitude helping guide us through our own health journeys.  He is able to take his vast wisdom and break it down in a friendly, practical way that doesn't overwhelm or confuse.



Ian is a father of 2 and proud dog dad (you may have met Fudge roaming the farm on occasion), his advice is based in reality, and is for people with a life, full of the stresses of work, family, lack of sleep and/or are time poor.  

This realistic approach is a refreshing change from the normal advice of restriction, pain, and deprivation we are all so used to. 

He can offer a range of services to help you on your journey, including:

  • Health Advice (Consultations)

  • Functional Blood Testing

  • Food Intolerance Testing

  • Personal Coaching

  • Comprehensive Program and Support (Raw Health Program)

Yoga Retreat

Raw Health Program

Created using the principles of ancestral health, this program takes you on an restorative experience to heal and renew yourself.  Rebuilding your body and mind from the ground up.

You will discover the power that the natural environment has to heal us, by implementing the time tested principles that helped our ancestors thrive.

By restoring our natural rhythms, you will be amazed how easy weight loss becomes, how function improves, strength increases and health radiates. 


Using a powerful blend of Modern Science and Ancestral Wisdom, this program takes the guesswork out of getting results, to bring you clarity as well as meaningful, lasting change.

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